White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

Our house is always full of crazy people with crazy ideas through the holidays. Why? We are the house to be at for the annual white elephant gift exchange.

What’s a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

A white elephant gift exchange is a party where you invite friends who purchase “white elephant gifts”, which are humorous or funny gag gifts.

If you set a price point, then your guests will be more comfortable knowing exactly how much each person is going to spend.  That way you can have the best white elephant gift party experience.

Some white elephant gift exchanges can even include rules that all gifts must be homemade. Although difficult, the times that we have done this were well worth it!

Here are some general rules for white elephant gift exchanges.

1. Invite Lots of people (the more the merrier) 2. Begin by deciding who will go first – you can do this by drawing a name out of a hat to be unbiased. 3. Clockwise move around the circle.

Optional Rules

1. Steal a gift – As you go clockwise a gift can be stolen 2-3 times from another person. That person then picks a gift and then the picking resumes. After the gift has been stolen 2-3 times it is locked or dead and cannot be stolen again.

2. Wear your gift – If you pick a gift that is a clothing item, then you have to model it for everyone. This is a great one we’ve enjoyed. Lingerie on a big hairy guy is something for watering eyes.

3. Ugly Sweater Contest – Another great idea for your white elephant gift exchange is to have an ugly sweater contest. Whichever person has the ugliest sweater, or the item that sticks farthest out from their t-shirt, gets a prize.

Whatever you do just make sure you have fun! That is the most important rule!

Other Great Gag Gifts.


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